Attractions in Cary Store

Ange Island Cary is an indoor playground and party venue specialized for kids 8 and under. Our height limitation is 4 feet 6 inches.  Our facility feature large ball pits, trampolines, multi-slides and more.

Our Park is socks only. Kids need trampoline non-slip socks to play. Adults need regular socks. If you forgot to bring your socks, don’t worry. We have them for sale at $3.

Attractions in Durham Store

Angel Island Durham is a newly established indoor Family Entertainment Center in Durham. We have a giant children’s fun zone suitable for ages 1-12. We also have Go-karts, Bumper cars, Arcade, Virtual Reality, and Concessions available.

Our Adventure Zone is socks only. Kids need non-slip grip socks to play. Adults need regular socks. Unlike other playgrounds, we accepted other brands of grip socks. If you forgot to bring your own socks, don’t worry. We have them for sale at $3 a pair.

Adventure Zone

Lots of activities in our Soft Adventure Zone. Ball pit, great slides, three-level obstacle course, Merry-Go-Round, Separate Toddler Zone, etc. The little ones can explore while their imaginations run wild as they develop fine motor skills and have fun with others in a social environment! For cleanness and safety concerns, this attraction area requires socks only. Kids require grip socks  and adult need regular socks.

Age & Height Limitation

Kids ages 1-12. Adults can accompany with a kid of ages 1-5, but can’t ride on equipment.

Go-Karts (Durham only)

$9 per ride, $16 for 2 rides

For your kids, still too young to drive a car? Your mom and dad always say No? For this time, they can’t refuse you any more. If you are 5 years or older, you can explore our fantastic electric go-karts and bumper cars and to be a young driver. Our go-karts will be good for children, teenagers and slim adults. The most important thing is, if you have long hair, your hair need to pulled up above your shoulder.

Age & Height Limitation

To drive a Go-karts, you must be 5 years older and 42 inches  height.

Bumper Cars (Durham only)

$6 per ride, $10 for two rides

Even kids can drive like champions in the Bumper Car zone. A great family entertainer suitable for almost all ages. Come to explore our newly bumper cars at Angel Island Durham.

Age & Height Limitation

To ride a Bumper car by yourself, kids need to be 4 years old. For kids of 1-3 years old, he/she can be sit on the lap of an adult.

Mega Arcade (Durham only)

Price Varies. 

The arcade area boasts many brand new games! Come to explore our Arcade games and our redemption store offers some of the coolest prizes. Challenge friends in a race, play ball or see who gets the highest score on the huge Pac Man or Space Invader games.

Age & Height Limitation

No limitation

VR Station (Durham only)

$8 per ride

Angel Island at Durham now has the latest in VR Arcade experiences for you to explore. Choose from single player or multiplayer virtual reality games. Whether you prefer gaming alone or with all of your friends, having a birthday party, or a corporate outing, you are sure to have an experience that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Age & Height Limitation

Kids ages over 6 and adults.